Battle pong #6 – Caring about the appearance and the gameplay

Today we will talk about the camera management, the UI development and some bonus at the end !

For now, the UI was used by drawing rectangles on the screen and I didn’t touch about the camera. These two approach are problematics for one reason : all the phones don’t have the same size nor the same resolution which means… My current display properly works for ONE kind of screen size which is an issue when you see all the Android devices on the market… Let’s solve this !

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Battle pong #6 – Caring about the appearance and the gameplay

Why am I making my own game ? (or any personal projects for what it matters…)

Hi all,

I found this Youtube channel called Extra Credits which talks about video games (mainly) and history (sometimes). They talk about different aspects of video games but the reason I am talking about this channel is that many people are asking me “Why are you doing Battle Pong ?” since I clearly don’t plan to become rich thanks to this game. Well Extra Credits recently did a video answering this question very well :

So to take the words from the video, here’s what drives me:

  • Personal amusement
  • Challenge myself
  • Pick up new skills
  • Be able to create something without being constrained

Also I explained some reasons in the first Battle Pong post šŸ˜‰

Anyway I encourage you to try doing your own projects and explore !

Thanks for reading and stay awesome guys !

P.S. If anyone is interested in creating games they even have a playlist focused on game design !

Why am I making my own game ? (or any personal projects for what it matters…)

Time for change !

Hey there,

After 4 years using the same skin (and having very few activitiesĀ on the website)Ā it is now time to update the design ! I opted for a cleaner theme with less colors and a layout that could highlight my social media.

This theme also has centered content. Something that was bothering me a little bit with the old theme was that the texts and contents were slightly on the left. Finally, the colors of the website are following the colors of Battlepong šŸ™‚

That’s it for today, expect a stream of updates about the game because right now I’m on fire and it is changing pretty quick !

Time for change !