Who am I ?

Hello everyone,

I am Heri Andrianjafy, a VR engineer from France. On this blog, I will show my works and the advancement of my projects as well as some articles about tech.

I started creating video games in 2001 using RPG Maker. Then, after high school, I went the the Montreuil’s university (France) to study computer sciences. During my studies in Montreuil’s university, I went to Glyndŵr University (United Kingdom) for one month. I developed my first video game from scratch with project Frogger, but also my first 3D Game : Stargazer.

After having passed my Higher national diploma, I joined the UTBM (France) engineering school for one year. During this year, I developped another game for object oriented programming course.

After one year at UTBM, I joined EFREI (France) for three years. During these years, I had the opportunity to participate Imagine Cup competition. With a team composed of Karim Luccin, Tuyen Nguyen and myself we created a game (Sleeping Soul)  for Xbox 360. Sleeping Soul finished at the 5th national place and worldwide semi finalist.

While studying at EFREI, I could travel to other countries, I joined APIIT (Malaysia) one of the best university of Malaysia and I also went to KAIST (South Korea). At KAIST, I could learn a lot about game design and 3D Animation. I realised a 3D clip and Maestro (a kinect video game). Finally, I wrote a research review about immersion in video games.

Back from South Korea (almost engineer) I joined the Agence 3D as a JAVA developper and project manager for my last year internship. During this internship, I worked on a 3D Software called Roomplayer (in Java OpenGL). My job was to improve and add effects on the existing engine (such as bump-mapping and reflections). I also had the role of project manager of a store planning 3D software for Decathlon. During this project, I used the SCRUM agile method. The project was successfully delivered on time and is now used by the Decathlon staff.

After that I spent two years as a software engineer at Tech-Advantage a company developing software for oil and gas industry. There I could challenge my skills by working on a 3d engine for a Map Editor and discover the Eclipse Framework.

I arrived in China two years ago as a Project Manager/Scrum master before joining Coolhobo, a startup based in Shenzhen working on VR applications for Ecommerce.

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